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THE VOCAL MASK uses a hypoallergenic foam cushion to create an airtight seal over the nose and in front of the ear while allowing the user to sing unobstructed.  The lower section of the mask has a fabric panel that cinches up below the chin for a snug fit.  The Vocal Mask fabric is made with Milliken™ BioSmart™ Technology fabric. When washed according to the EPA-registered chlorine bleach instructions BioSmart™ technology binds chlorine to the surface of the fabric, which then kills 99.9% of many common bacteria and viruses. (Do not use color safe bleach.)  The detachable mask comes pre-charged with chlorine. The BioSmart™ Technology is durable up to 75 industrial wash cycles. Your mask can be used up to 90 days between recharges. The 35/65 poly-cotton blend fabric is very breathable with a CFM rating of 85.

Color: Black or Navy
Cost:  $28.50

To ensure fit measure the distance from the center of the bridge of the nose to the front of the ear. Distance must be 4 inches or greater.

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The Vocal Mask